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  • Radically increase your self-awareness
  • Know what to do and say in any situation you find yourself in
  • Be able to get ready to do the work you truly love
  • Understand how to live your life with purpose and passion
  • Have happier and more fulfilling personal relationships
  • Be equipped for the workplace of the future


In this workshop, you will explore the 7 Skills for the Future from the book of the same name by Emma-Sue Prince. Your trainer, Chris Dudley, is a Life Coach and Founder of The Coach Collective based in Leeds.

As a Coach, Chris specialises in working with the successfully depressed and understands how everyone can build a better life and career by building their soft skills.

As a Trainer, Chris supports small organisations to maximise the impact of their training by equipping their colleagues with the skills they need to achieve both balance and success in their life and career.

In this interesting, informative and interactive workshop, Chris will introduce you to the skills of adaptability, critical thinking, empathy, integrity, being proactive, resilience, and optimism.

You’ll experience each of the skills and connect with the value of developing each skill as part of your personal and professional development journey.

  • Adaptability

    Being adaptable helps you to embrace change and respond to the unexpected with ease being ready for potential opportunities and handling setbacks with grace.

  • Critical Thinking

    Knowing how to think and work smarter, being more resourceful, creative and collaborative really gets you places. We’ve got amazing brains – get yours truly working for you.

  • Empathy

    Never has empathy been so important. Nurturing all your relationships, understanding where other people are coming from and experiencing how effective it is to live in the present will have an immediate and tangible effect.

  • Integrity

    Trust, values, principles and honesty are valuable in a world of constant change. Integrity helps you to make decisions and set direction for your life as well as making you stand out.

  • Optimism

    Happiness is right at your fingertips every day. No matter what life throws at you, you can respond with positive action and achieve different outcomes as a result.

  • Being Proactive

    Respond rather than react to whatever is going on around you. Be the captain of your own ship in life through small every day steps.

  • Resilience

    Know how to bounce back from disappointment, rejection and setbacks. Equip yourself with a strong support network and look after yourself. Resilience has never been so vital.

the skills in action…

Being adaptable makes a difference between being ordinary and extraordinary. Being adaptable helps you to deal with change with grace and ease. The right critical thinking skills mean you’ll be creative, resourceful and smart in an age of information overload and ambiguity. Living with empathy is crucial for having a nurturing a healthy, clear and meaningful relationship, not only with yourself but with others too. You need integrity to live a life aligned to values, accountability and making the right choices. Optimism and using positive psychology principles helps you create and live the life you want to lead. If you’re proactive, grab opportunities and understand how to respond to what’s around you, rather than react, you will succeed. All of this requires resilience and strength, not least because we need to get better at failing and at persevering through 




The Advantage: 7 Skills for the Future Workshop

A two-day experiential learning workshop designed to raise awareness of an individuals skills in adaptability, critical thinking, integrity, being proactive, optimism and resilience. These skills are vital in gaining and improving personal and professional success. 

It can be delivered by skill in shorter modules or in one-day formats.

  • You will be equipped to deal gracefully and efficiently with information overload
  • You’ll have strategies to respond well to change
  • You’ll thrive despite uncertain work options and an uncertain future
  • You’ll know how to get work-life balance right
  • You’ll get better at taking risks, making decisions, working collaboratively and having great ideas

a note on experiential learning…

Experiential learning are real-life experiences conducted with effective debrief and reflection. They are high-impact because the learning focuses on the individual and group in the moment.

Most off-the-shelf training (role-plays, discussions, techniques etc.) is ineffective because participants don’t retain the learning and are unable to apply it in their day-to-day work. The Advantage 7 Skills is a proven concept that works every time because the facilitator works with real issues emerging from the workshop.

The Advantage 7 Skills accelerates learning, provides a safe environment to take risks and take on challenges, bridges the gap between theory and practice, produces demonstrable mindset changes, increases engagement levels, enables personalized learning and delivers exceptional return on investment.

The Advantage 7 Skills is a simple and highly effective model that can be rolled out widely without a compromise on quality.


As a life coach and trainer, I read a lot of ‘self-help’ books. It is rare that a book can cut through to the core and deliver a clear and concise message with tools and techniques which are instantly implementable and high impact. I believe the majority of personal and professional development books can be condensed to 10-pages and the rest is fluff that is needed to sell a book. This book bucks the trend, every chapter is essential, and every word makes a difference.

In this report, I share my story as I take each of the 7 skills and apply them directly to depression, identifying the immediate challenges these skills can support a person to overcome, and the benefits to developing each skill for a future without depression. I draw directly on the work of Emma-Sue and hope this report is the gateway to you reading the book in full… read more

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