you’re facing a challenge right now and you’re…

  • Feeling stuck in a rut
  • Avoiding a situation, hoping it’ll sort itself out
  • Feeling overwhelmed, drowning in thoughts as they race through your mind
  • Finding it difficult to make a decision and move on
  • Life is out of your control
  • Fearful of getting started, getting it wrong, and failing again
  • Feeling hopeless and in despair

If this is you right now, then this message is for you. Here’s why…

You can get your life back in control in less than 90-minutes.

And you realise, there is a cost not dealing with this now…

if you ignore it, it just gets worse.

What most people do when they’re faced with challenges is try work it out themselves, try to get a friend or family member to sort it out for them, or worse, hope it’ll sort itself out. But for most people, none of that works.

  • Friends and family are too close to the situation and can’t be impartial
  • You don’t need other peoples answers, you need to find your own
  • Other people often fail to see your challenge from your perspective
  • You become more overwhelmed by everyone elses opinions
  • A problem very rarely solves itself
  • You don’t get the time and space you need to think
  • If you do find a solution, you fail to put a plan in place to make it happen

And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing? You stay stuck in a rut, overwhelmed and out of control.

We’ve got an answer that works.

A 90-minute coaching session is the quick but permanent fix to overcoming a challenge or achieving a goal.

During your discreet, confidential and private coaching, we’ve got the questions and we know you’ve got the answers. You just need the time and space to find them. With someone who understands and is ready to listen without judgement.

During our time together, you will have the opportunity to review your current situation and identify the area on which you would like to focus your coaching. It’s the perfect solution for client’s seeking to deal with a current challenge or goal and gain perspective and control.

After the session, you’ll receive an action plan and notes so you can see you are on track and remain accountable and motivated to realise your goal. We’ll even call you a couple of weeks later to see how you got on.

It worked for these people and it will work for you.

“The first and only thing in a whole year that got me putting one foot in front of the other again was the 90 minutes’ session with Chris…

From being in a very dark place, where I couldn’t see a way forward, my future looks exciting and positive to me now and I couldn’t have started this journey without Chris’ specialist, professional and unique approach to coaching.”

“When I started my sessions with Matt I was in quite a low place, I was lost and starting to really question who I was as a person.

Matt provided a safe environment which allowed me to explore my identity… I’m feeling more positive and motivated to work towards my goals.”

“During our work together, I was able to identify the changes I wanted to make and identify where I wanted to be in the future…

I have been enabled to identify my goals for the short-term and the long-term. Each short-term goal achieved boosts my self-confidence and resolve to get where I want to be.”


When you book your coaching session you’ll join your coach personally and get their complete attention. As part of your work together you’ll receive…

90-minute coaching session

Available face-to-face, via Skype or by telephone, giving you the flexibility to access your coaching how and when you want it.


Flexible session times including evenings and weekends, we work around your schedule.

session notes

Updated session notes after each coaching session. No need to make notes, your coach provides a great reference tool that ensures you know what you’re aiming towards and how you’re going to achieve it, step-by-step.


15-minute follow-up accountability call, to address any challenges and celebrate success. To keep you on track and motivated to achieve your goals.


If you choose to continue to work with us, your investment is discounted from any subsequent coaching programme purchase.

let’s get started…

You’ve found the solution, now all you need to do is complete one simple action.

Book your discreet, confidential, and private Discovery Call now to give you and your coach an opportunity to review how you would like your coaching session to impact your life as you work together, in partnership, to put you immediately back in control with a clear and concise plan of action.