specially designed for aspiring or struggling coaches

you need to bring your coaching business to life but…

  • You don’t know where to start and you lack direction
  • You’ve never done a business plan before and you’re convincing yourself you don’t need one!
  • You can’t identify your niche service or your target market
  • You’re lost when it comes to marketing and you can’t define your products and services
  • You’re trapped by the fear you’ll get it all wrong, losing your time and your money
  • You’ve already launched your business and it’s failing
  • You’re considering packing in your dream of running your own business and just sticking to the day job

If this is you right now, then this message is for you…

You can run a successful coaching business and you don’t have to start it on your own.

Chris is someone you can trust, who believes in you and your business just as much as you do… If you are completely stuck, lost, your business thoughts are keeping you awake at night, and you feel like you have been faffing about for years, you need to get Chris on board now! Alison

And you realise there’s a cost to not dealing with this now…

until you take the right next step, your business will not happen.

What most coaches do when they are planning on launching their business is become obsessed by preparing themselves. (I can see you nodding). Desperately seeking the answer to how you can start your business without making any mistakes. Watching another video clip, listening to another podcast, reading another book, or attending another training course or seminar. But for most people, none of that works.

  • You’re studying for knowledge, skills and experience you already have or simply don’t need
  • You’re continuing to use your corporate head when you need to be thinking like a business owner
  • Training focuses on learning how to sell a product or service, when you need to be preparing to sell you
  • You sit at your desk with the intention of planning and end up procrastinating
  • You continue to convince yourself the activities you are doing will amount to something
  • You don’t know what you don’t know so you can’t find an answer
  • Coaching isn’t like any other business; you need unique and bespoke support

And what happens if you continue as you currently are? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing? You continue to invest time and money into activities which fail to get your business launched.

Stop looking, finally you’ve found the right next step to take for your business.


Having spent the day with Chris we came out buzzing and knew exactly what to do, we had a clear plan… The positive vibe that the session created has also led to us securing our next contract.Charlotte and Emma, Acacia Coaching and Training


Chris is a Coach, Trainer and Founder of The Coach Collective. Chris thrived for 10-years in business, specialising in Learning and Development, whilst studying the personal development industry. In Jan 2016, Chris launched his life coaching and training business to support individuals to achieve balance and success in all areas of their life.

As a Life Coach, Chris is a Master Coach Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy.

As a Trainer, Chris has the Certificate in Learning and Development and the Diploma in Human Resource Development awarded by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, of which he is an Associate Member.

Chris is an Associate of Unimenta, a training support network designed by trainers, for trainers. Chris offers guidance and support to members as an expert in the field of coaching and business planning. Chris designed and delivers the Business Planning Workshop and Webinar Series and specialises in supporting trainers, coaches and consultants to launch their own businesses. Chris is currently partnering with Unimenta Director and Author Emma-Sue Prince, to develop a coaching programme focused on supporting individuals to get The Advantage, the 7 soft skills you need to get ahead.

Chris’ driving force is his commitment to guide and support others to be more tomorrow than they are today and he is proud to be able to work with other coaches, therapists and transformation professionals to create the succesful business they desire and deserve.

I felt prepared and in control and I am now working hard in my own successful, fully booked business. Thank you Chris for giving me structure, guidance and confidence.Julie, Social Life UK

Coaching businesses fail for one of two reasons:

1. poor quality coaching,

2. the coach failing to understand they are running a business.

I specialise in mentoring coaches, trainers and consultants to design, launch, manage and maximise their businesses impact. As a full-time Coach, Trainer and Learning and Development Consultant, I have a unique skill set and level of experience. This affords me the insight and expertise to support my clients in turning their passion and experience into a successful business.

Your Partnership Programme begins with a 1-day, face-to- face business planning session which results in you having a core Business Plan and Financial Forecast. The session will focus on all areas of your business with particular attention to any immediate blocks we’ve identified. For many previous clients, this includes identifying your target market, designing your products and services, and creating your marketing message.

The programme includes a free Business Plan Template and Guide, which lands in your inbox within minutes of you joining the programme.

You get direct daily access to me and a total of 20-hours of one-to-one mentoring, giving you the greatest opportunity to create the successful and authentic business you desire and deserve. After every session, you’ll receive an updated action plan and notes so you can see you are on track and remain accountable and motivated to realise your goals.

Working in partnership with a mentor who understands your coaching business has seen my clients achieve the breakthroughs and success they were aiming for. 


When you join my Partnership Programme you’ll be working with me for the next 6-months. As part of our work together you’ll receive…

6-month support

Access to your business coach and mentor for 6-months, I am on hand to guide and motivate you every step of the way, from your business planning through to your first months of trading.

business planning session

1-day initial face-to-face business planning session, an opportunity to build our partnership, complete your draft business plan and kick-start your coaching programme. This session introduces you to your fully interactive digital Business Plan Template and Finance Forecast.

12-hours mentoring

Available face-to-face, via Skype or by telephone, can be scheduled fortnightly or taken in bundles of more than 1-hour, including one-day intensives. Giving you the flexibility to access your coaching how and when you want it.


Weekly accountability calls, to plan for the week ahead, address any immediate challenges and celebrate success. Most new business owners struggle to hold themselves accountable to planning and doing what they need to do each day, I’m there to support you and keep you on track and motivated to achieve your goals.

action plan

Updated action plan and session notes after each coaching or accountability session. No need to make notes, I provide a great reference tool that ensures you know what you’re aiming towards and how you’re going to achieve it, step-by-step.


Flexible session times including evenings and weekends, I work around your schedule to ensure your clients come first.


Email and telephone access to me, with a guaranteed 24-hour priority response (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays), giving you the support you need, when you need it.


Your mentoring programme is completely bespoke to you and gives you access to a variety of Success Mindset interventions including NLP Therapy, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. Maximising the impact of your mentoring, by creating coaching as unique as you and your business.


90-minute Digital Marketing Consultation with a Digital Marketing Expert. In today’s climate understanding the impact digital marketing has on the success of your business is pivotal and my Digital Marketing Expert will review your business and provide you a recommendation report to maximise the immediate impact of your digital marketing.


Upon conclusion of your programme, I provide a final Action Plan focused on the 6-months following your programme. Preparing you to maintain the impact you have achieved for the last 6-months for the remainder of the year.

payment plan

Your investment of £2,497 can be spread over a monthly payment plan, allowing you to spread the cost of your Partnership Programme over 6-months.

let’s get started…

You’ve found the guidance and support you are looking for, now all you need to do is complete one simple action.

Book your Discovery Call now to give you and I an opportunity to review how you would like your programme to impact your business. As we work together, in partnership, to design, launch, and maintain the successful business you desire and deserve.