Prior to meeting Chris, I had been working in a very emotionally draining line of work which I found incredibly anxiety provoking. I felt I had reached a crossroads in my life whereby I could either carry on in the same role and probably completely burn myself out, or be proactive and make positive changes to my life. I was at a stage where the identity I had with my job was a big part of me and letting go of that was a big issue. I knew however, that I could not carry on the way I was as it was impacting on my family also, and on reflection had done so for many years.

I heard about Chris through a friend and decided to have a look at his website. I saw Chris’s profile and it felt right both in terms of what message he was conveying and also the fact he was local to me. I found that we connected right from the initial telephone call and as a consequence felt able to be completely open and honest with Chris. Chris asked me to undertake thought provoking and self-reflective work prior to our initial face to face appointment. I learnt quite a bit about myself even at this early juncture. I had never sat and talked about personal issues for that amount of time to someone completely impartial – that was therapeutic in itself.

I found Chris incredibly flexible, open to ideas, and consistent with his approach that empowered me to continue the self-exploratory work I had started with him. I had days where I would struggle however there were numerous things Chris had said to me that really resonated and helped me stick to my plan. I found the words used by Chris to re-frame my own words incredibly powerful and they have remained with me.

I have found I am more thoughtful (but do not over-think things as much), I am able to identify negative patterns of thought as just that, and have been able to change negative behaviours that have essentially caused tension within my family. Above all, I have been able to identify a new career that enables me to continue with a sense of purpose without leaving a hole in my identity and ultimately feel much more settled and with a plan.

Chris is completely non-judgemental, utterly professional, and has shown a great understanding of my experiences by listening and thoroughly grasping areas I wanted to work through. Chris is one of those people in life that you meet who has the ability to instantly make you feel at ease and with whom you want to engage with.

I cannot recommend Chris enough for anyone considering having life coaching. Chris empowered me to come to my own conclusions through powerful questioning and as a result has enabled me to make my own decision around career changes – decisions I am more likely to pursue as I have made them! I am also conscious of the fact that Chris can support and empower others in other areas in their lives and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

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I start my work with all my clients by first having a Discovery Call.

This discreet, confidential, and private call is an opportunity to review how you would like coaching to impact your life. We’ll discuss the changes you want to make and the goals you wants to achieve. You’ll gain a greater understanding of the role of coaching and be in the best position to make a decision about using coaching as the solution to achieve the life you desire and deserve.

It’s a 30-minute individual coaching session via Skype or telephone and I offer flexible session times, including evenings and weekends. After the call, I provide a recommendation report and proposal and where appropriate, an invitation to start coaching with me.

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