Chris is a phenomenal coach who helped me positively transform our teams and navigate a very challenging transition. Moreover, he helped me adapt my outlook and my inner voice through a very trying time working with a ‘bad boss’. I’m so grateful to have worked with such a talented and passionate coach.

As a coach, Chris has a clear and concise approach while embracing a rich and diverse perspective. He has a keen ability to help clients find the best within themselves (and others) while helping them to develop and execute meaningful personal and professional development plans. He has helped me advance not only my own possibilities but has supported so many others in achieving their full potential.

I can highly recommend Chris if you are looking to transform your business or realise your individual opportunities. I am confident he will challenge your thinking, and help guide you and your organisation to a better place, as he did for me.

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I start my work with all my clients by first having a Discovery Call.

This discreet, confidential, and private call is an opportunity to review how you would like coaching to impact your life. We’ll discuss the changes you want to make and the goals you wants to achieve. You’ll gain a greater understanding of the role of coaching and be in the best position to make a decision about using coaching as the solution to achieve the life you desire and deserve.

It’s a 30-minute individual coaching session via Skype or telephone and I offer flexible session times, including evenings and weekends. After the call, I provide a recommendation report and proposal and where appropriate, an invitation to start coaching with me.

You can book a Discovery Call at a date and time convenient to you by clicking below and selecting ‘Discovery Call’ from the options.