Before I met Chris, my life felt in complete turmoil. I had made career-changing decisions and relocated to a new city. I was preparing for upcoming examinations which, if successful, would ultimately shape my future career. This created a great deal of pressure and anxiety.

In addition, I was dealing with difficulties in my personal relationship which only added to the strain. I also felt the close bonds I once shared with my family members were breaking. Anyone of these events felt like a considerable struggle but the cumulative effect caused a feeling of hopelessness and despair. I felt very overwhelmed and alone. I felt I was in a very dark place with nowhere or no one to turn to.

I looked for help because I knew I could not continue down this spiral. Chris turned all of that around for me. His assurance and tremendous support led me through those dark, difficult times and brought me through to the other side. Chris helped show me how to work through each of my difficulties in a constructive, positive manner. He was an incredible listener, devoting time focusing on my personal battles and helping me to overcome my anxieties and fears. Chris had the ability to convey his teachings and advice in such a personalised approach. His outstanding knowledge and use of therapies targeted specifically to help me really worked. I felt we really connected and I think it was down to his desire and passion to help.

Since working with Chris, I can honestly say I am a different person. My confidence has soared and my life has definitely changed for the better. Life still brings its challenges but my whole approach and demeanour has changed. With Chris’s teachings, I feel I am better prepared and more positive in my approach. My personal relationship is in a very good place moving forward, and I am reconnecting with family members leaving all bad memories in the past. My career is flourishing and I have regained the self-belief that I can be successful.

People have commented on the change in me and complimented me on my positive attitude. I have Chris to thank for all of that. How can I thank him enough for all that he has done?

Chris is one of the most amazing people I have had the privilege of meeting. He has a heartwarming smile, trustworthy demeanor and I immediately felt comfortable with him. I shocked myself as to how quickly I was able to bond with Chris and open up to him. I felt he took such pride in his work and it showed. He made it so easy to talk to him about concerns and made me feel he had all the time in the world for me. I felt I was being heard and my burdens were shared. I felt he genuinely cared.

Chris has a tremendous ability to listen, advise and support in a non-judgemental way. When I first met Chris, he assured me that after just 3 months of therapy, I would be in a far better place in my life. My scepticism over his suggestion was very short-lived. By the end of our first session, I felt so relieved, lightened and had complete trust in him. I have never looked back. He takes a genuine interest and has had such a positive impact on me. Not only is Chris a remarkable individual, it is evident he has extensive knowledge of his treatments and has a natural ability to help. Even outside of our sessions, Chris always encouraged me to contact him if I was ever feeling low or in need of support. That only added to his incredible persona. He remembered all the little things and made me feel cared for. He has all the attributes needed for someone in his profession. When you are in a vulnerable state, you need someone of his calibre and I am so glad I met him. It comes as no surprise why he is so highly recommended.

Meeting Chris was the best thing that could have happened to me. My life was at a real low. Chris rescued me and worked with me to reach this positive aspect of my life, and focus on the goals ahead in a much more confident approach.

For anyone out there experiencing a similar or difficult time with life/career/family, I implore that you do not lose hope. I would strongly urge you to find Chris and it will be the best decision you will have ever made. He will guide you away from your troubles and in the process, you will make a truly remarkable, lifelong friend.

I am so thankful to Chris for all that he has done for me and I hope and know he can do the same for you. Thank You Chris!

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