The first and only thing in a whole year that got me putting one foot in front of the other again was the self-discovery 90 minutes’ session with Chris.

After the sudden breakdown in my marriage, a year ago, there has been one blow after another.  My life is unrecognisable from what it was.  I found out my husband, who I had been together with for 14 years had nearly bankrupted us. We had to sell the beautiful family home we had worked so hard to own, take my sons out of the Independent school they loved and move to a whole new area. These events were stressful enough, but when my closest family then struggled to adjust to me separating with my husband and my relationships with these people started to breakdown, I was on a slippery slope to rock bottom.  I began to struggle at work and eventually my body just said, “Enough!”.

What happened next was what I can only describe as a frightening experience, a panic attack, which I considering myself a go-getting, positive person, never thought I would experience.  The doctor said I was suffering from anxiety and prescribed me beta blockers.  I knew, however, that medication alone, wouldn’t fix everything.  I decided that I didn’t want to carry the burden of the past year’s experiences around with me and in all honesty, I didn’t know where to start.  I felt completely paralysed, not being able to cope with everything I was trying to juggle. A good friend recommended Chris and I got in touch with him immediately.

Chris was able to see me quickly, which was so important.  He was like an emergency service for my mind.  We met for a 90-minute session.  Chris made me feel at ease immediately and he really is the least judgmental person, which leaves you free to be completely honest.  He asked me the right kind of questions, that allowed us to establish where I was at and what the issues were.  He helped me to decipher what the most urgent problems were and made me feel safe in putting those other juggling balls, temporarily to one side, so that I could start to pick myself up and take some first steps forward.

It was more than just talking to someone who was not involved in my life…Chris provided me with effective and appropriate strategies, that felt manageable and would have the biggest impact in the short term. After the session, I felt like a weight had literally been lifted off my shoulders.  My closest friend commented that I was a different person and for the first time in ages they saw a glimpse of a happier, independent and motivated person.

Chris quickly followed up our meeting with an email that summarised my “homework” for the next 2 weeks.  He gave me a toolkit of tasks, exercises and strategies that would help me to achieve the goals we had prioritised.  I reread this email a number of times, over the next fortnight and each time it reassured me and helped me to stay focused.

I was also encouraged to contact Chris by email or phone if I was feeling anxious, needed support or had any questions.  I took Chris up on this and again, it was like A&E for my life.  He responded quickly when I needed reassurance and support. This was the kind of support my friends and family couldn’t provide me with.  It got me back on track and feeling positive.

Having been through so much and because the session was so effective, I wanted to continue to work with Chris.  At first, I struggled a little with investing in myself, but I knew that no matter how many pairs of shoes, spa days and chocolates I bought, they wouldn’t make these issues go away.  It was time to claim my life back, stop carrying the baggage around with me and take steps towards a more fulfilling life and the authentic me.  I am now working towards these goals with Chris.  I wish I had done this years ago.  From being in a very dark place, where I couldn’t see a way forward, my future looks exciting and positive to me now and I couldn’t have started this journey without Chris’ specialist, professional and unique approach to coaching.

Adam & Mandie

I approached Chris and asked him if he could help my soon to be 21-year-old son, to find his way in life, to find a meaning and a purpose and the transformation has been truly incredible!

My son left school at 16 to go college to study Music.  He hated it and dropped out after the first term.  The following year he went back to sit his A-Levels.  He did well in the end but I had to drop him off at the Academy gates to make sure he went, his motivation and determination levels were very low.  When it came to him sitting his exams, I had to drop him off as before but his teacher was waiting for him to make sure he went and sat the exams!

He left with great results and was successful in his application at Uni.  Once again to study music.  Music was his only passion, he never went out, socialised, rarely left his bedroom and lived rather like a hamster!  Active through the night whilst we were trying to sleep and in bed all day whilst we were out working.

He quit Uni, no surprise, it wasn’t for him.  He then spent the following 12-18 months doing nothing.  Driving us mad as we worked hard whilst he laid in bed.  I didn’t know what to do and I felt like there was no-one to ask or talk to.  I had some personal coaching at work and one day the idea hit me…  why didn’t I find someone to help coach my son!

I spent hours looking for someone who had experience in coaching young adults and came across Chris! I emailed Chris with some background info and asked if he thought he could help my son.  To my delight, Chris replied and confirmed he’d be delighted to, the rest is history!  My son had a call with him, they clicked, met 6/7 times and within the space of approx 6-8 weeks my son had the confidence to apply for a full-time job and was successful!  He’s now been working for almost 2 months and is like a totally different person!  I cannot recommend Chris enough, I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t have found him.  My son has great plans and ambitions, he seems determined and focused, which is amazing to see!

If you have a son or daughter, who has lost their way and struggling to find a purpose and meaning, then you need Chris!!


Before I met Chris, my life felt in complete turmoil. I had made career-changing decisions and relocated to a new city. I was preparing for upcoming examinations which, if successful, would ultimately shape my future career. This created a great deal of pressure and anxiety.

In addition, I was dealing with difficulties in my personal relationship which only added to the strain. I also felt the close bonds I once shared with my family members were breaking. Anyone of these events felt like a considerable struggle but the cumulative effect caused a feeling of hopelessness and despair. I felt very overwhelmed and alone. I felt I was in a very dark place with nowhere or no one to turn to.

I looked for help because I knew I could not continue down this spiral. Chris turned all of that around for me. His assurance and tremendous support led me through those dark, difficult times and brought me through to the other side. Chris helped show me how to work through each of my difficulties in a constructive, positive manner. He was an incredible listener, devoting time focusing on my personal battles and helping me to overcome my anxieties and fears. Chris had the ability to convey his teachings and advice in such a personalised approach. His outstanding knowledge and use of therapies targeted specifically to help me really worked. I felt we really connected and I think it was down to his desire and passion to help.

Since working with Chris, I can honestly say I am a different person. My confidence has soared and my life has definitely changed for the better. Life still brings its challenges but my whole approach and demeanour has changed. With Chris’s teachings, I feel I am better prepared and more positive in my approach. My personal relationship is in a very good place moving forward, and I am reconnecting with family members leaving all bad memories in the past. My career is flourishing and I have regained the self-belief that I can be successful.

People have commented on the change in me and complimented me on my positive attitude. I have Chris to thank for all of that. How can I thank him enough for all that he has done?

Chris is one of the most amazing people I have had the privilege of meeting. He has a heartwarming smile, trustworthy demeanor and I immediately felt comfortable with him. I shocked myself as to how quickly I was able to bond with Chris and open up to him. I felt he took such pride in his work and it showed. He made it so easy to talk to him about concerns and made me feel he had all the time in the world for me. I felt I was being heard and my burdens were shared. I felt he genuinely cared.

Chris has a tremendous ability to listen, advise and support in a non-judgemental way. When I first met Chris, he assured me that after just 3 months of therapy, I would be in a far better place in my life. My scepticism over his suggestion was very short-lived. By the end of our first session, I felt so relieved, lightened and had complete trust in him. I have never looked back. He takes a genuine interest and has had such a positive impact on me. Not only is Chris a remarkable individual, it is evident he has extensive knowledge of his treatments and has a natural ability to help. Even outside of our sessions, Chris always encouraged me to contact him if I was ever feeling low or in need of support. That only added to his incredible persona. He remembered all the little things and made me feel cared for. He has all the attributes needed for someone in his profession. When you are in a vulnerable state, you need someone of his calibre and I am so glad I met him. It comes as no surprise why he is so highly recommended.

Meeting Chris was the best thing that could have happened to me. My life was at a real low. Chris rescued me and worked with me to reach this positive aspect of my life, and focus on the goals ahead in a much more confident approach.

For anyone out there experiencing a similar or difficult time with life/career/family, I implore that you do not lose hope. I would strongly urge you to find Chris and it will be the best decision you will have ever made. He will guide you away from your troubles and in the process, you will make a truly remarkable, lifelong friend.

I am so thankful to Chris for all that he has done for me and I hope and know he can do the same for you. Thank You Chris!


I went to see Chris with work/study/life balance issues. I was floundering and needed some direction and help with making decisions.

I think the main benefit has been the brilliantly practical nature of the advice Chris has given me. The focus was very much on coming up with strategies and solutions for the issues I was facing. Chris was really positive about everything I was doing or aspiring to, and simple though it sounds, that made an enormous difference to how I felt about things (and myself) too.

Chris is great. Really focused. Very conscientious and professional but very warm and human too. I had apprehensions about life coaching but I would recommend Chris wholeheartedly.


As a coach, Chris has a clear and concise approach while embracing a rich and diverse perspective. He has a keen ability to help clients find the best within themselves (and others) while helping them to develop and execute meaningful personal and professional development plans. He has helped me advance not only my own possibilities but has supported so many others in achieving their full potential.

I can highly recommend Chris if you are looking to transform your business or realise your individual opportunities. I am confident he will challenge your thinking, and help guide you and your organisation to a better place, as he did for me.


At the time, I was looking to find a new job as I felt bored in my current role and I felt like I’d come to a dead end. I was looking for something more meaningful to focus my energy on and Chris helped me find that.

Chris is such an easy person to talk to, my 90-minute session flew by in what felt like 20 minutes. Just like a chat with a friend, but filled with lots of useful information to think about and apply in the future. Top 5 nicest people I’ve ever met. I really feel Chris’ priorities lie with helping and supporting as much as he possibly can.

I have already recommended Chris to a colleague of mine that felt like he was in need of a little lifestyle change.


Before commencing work with Chris I felt that my life had become stagnant and I was unable to move forwards. I knew I didn’t want what I had, but I was struggling to figure out what I did want!

I was unhappy with my career, my fitness levels and my home-life but I didn’t know where to start making changes to rectify any of this.

I went to Chris’s free ‘taster’ session, not because I knew a lot about what he was going to talk about, but because I didn’t! I took the attitude that I had nothing to lose. It was the best decision I’ve made in a long time! The introduction session had made me aware that it was possible to identify and make the changes I required. I decided to build on what I had learned at that session by working one-to-one with Chris.

During our work together, I was able to identify the changes I wanted to make and identify where I wanted to be in the future. We have worked to change my subconscious thinking, enabling me to stop self-limiting thoughts and realise my potential. I have been enabled to identify my goals for the short-term and the long-term. Each short-term goal achieved boosts my self-confidence and resolve to get where I want to be.

Working with Chris has enabled me to move forward with my life, leaving behind the things that weren’t working for me and gaining a new momentum to make the changes to enable me to get what I want from life.

I’m still me, but a much better, happier version of me!

The most important thing that enabled me to work with Chris was his non-judgmental attitude. This enabled me, to be honest about the situation I am in and how I am feeling about things. Feeling safe to be honest without being judged has meant that we can address the real problems I am facing, rather than the things I selectively choose to tell him.

I have had Chris’s positive support by e-mail or phone, should I choose to use it, between our face-to-face sessions. At times it has been hard, but I have never felt overwhelmed or despondent about things. I now know and believe that I can make the changes to get what I want, and that’s a totally new experience for me.

Chris’s honesty with me has enabled me to see things from a different perspective. His interpretation of my actions and the discussion about reasons behind those actions has been enlightening and has enabled me to work to change the destructive patterns of behaviour and self-limiting thoughts I hadn’t even realised I had!

Deciding to work with Chris has been a positive, life-changing decision for me, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Working with a ‘life coach’ wasn’t a decision I ever thought I would make. I trusted my instincts and went for it – and I’m very glad I did.


Prior to meeting Chris, I had been working in a very emotionally draining line of work which I found incredibly anxiety provoking. I felt I had reached a crossroads in my life whereby I could either carry on in the same role and probably completely burn myself out, or be proactive and make positive changes to my life. I was at a stage where the identity I had with my job was a big part of me and letting go of that was a big issue. I knew however, that I could not carry on the way I was as it was impacting on my family also, and on reflection had done so for many years.

I heard about Chris through a friend and decided to have a look at his website. I saw Chris’s profile and it felt right both in terms of what message he was conveying and also the fact he was local to me. I found that we connected right from the initial telephone call and as a consequence felt able to be completely open and honest with Chris. Chris asked me to undertake thought provoking and self-reflective work prior to our initial face to face appointment. I learnt quite a bit about myself even at this early juncture. I had never sat and talked about personal issues for that amount of time to someone completely impartial – that was therapeutic in itself.

I found Chris incredibly flexible, open to ideas, and consistent with his approach that empowered me to continue the self-exploratory work I had started with him. I had days where I would struggle however there were numerous things Chris had said to me that really resonated and helped me stick to my plan. I found the words used by Chris to re-frame my own words incredibly powerful and they have remained with me.

I have found I am more thoughtful (but do not over-think things as much), I am able to identify negative patterns of thought as just that, and have been able to change negative behaviours that have essentially caused tension within my family. Above all, I have been able to identify a new career that enables me to continue with a sense of purpose without leaving a hole in my identity and ultimately feel much more settled and with a plan.

Chris is completely non-judgemental, utterly professional, and has shown a great understanding of my experiences by listening and thoroughly grasping areas I wanted to work through. Chris is one of those people in life that you meet who has the ability to instantly make you feel at ease and with whom you want to engage with.

I cannot recommend Chris enough for anyone considering having life coaching. Chris empowered me to come to my own conclusions through powerful questioning and as a result has enabled me to make my own decision around career changes – decisions I am more likely to pursue as I have made them! I am also conscious of the fact that Chris can support and empower others in other areas in their lives and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.


I initially contacted Chris to help me work out if my idea of a career in Coaching was right for me and if so, how, where and helping whom? A difficult period in my personal life had left me lacking in confidence, questioning my judgement and needing to make some healthy lifestyle changes too, I could neither find the motivation alone or see the wood for the trees. As soon as we began working together I realised that I had made a great investment in my future.

With his very warm and nonjudgmental approach, Chris quickly helped me to sort out my thinking and decide my priorities, and with him there to help if I wobbled, I built a plan. The difference in the the future I saw when I first called Chris and the future I see now is huge. I’m now excited to be training for my new career and am much lighter and healthier! If you are feeling remotely like you could do with some of his special brand of help then I would just say pick up the phone and make that Discovery Call! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Working with Chris was enlightening, motivational and my favourite time of the week. Thank you, I look forward to the day I can make as much difference to other people’s lives!