After a long spell at one company, I opted for voluntary redundancy to have a little home time. The prior years had been pretty intense most of the time and I was glad for the chance to be home more with the family. The time came for me to find the next challenge in my career and fairly quickly I was offered a new role – it was not the one for which I had applied, and it was a contract not permanent role.

The situation I walked into was complicated, not only by the issue at hand but also a lot of politics and little real structure. Including the key owner not talking on responsibility or leading the work as would be required for success. I had always thrown myself in to any role and I did the same here, however it was detrimental to me as I became unable to sleep and was working the majority of hours in the week.

I had an introductory discussion with Matt and found him very easy to talk to, I explained my situation and he described how we could work together and see progress. We worked through to uncover the causes of my anxiety at the time, what was causing my loss of sleep/anxiety and how to approach should similar challenges reveal themselves in the future. It became clear that a couple of the drivers of my recent issues were lack of clarity and broken communication routes. Working with Matt also improved my general demeanour, in particular by:

  • demonstrating the balance needed when considering positive v negative events
  • objective analysis of an event/situation to challenge assumptions I was making
  • recognising my successes/positive signals more than I ever had in the past.

I am now in a different contract working on an issue with a far great deal of uncertainty, but requiring a planned approach to mitigate the risk. Using a lot of what I took from working with Matt, I’ve built clarity for myself and the people I work for. I’ve also got a better separation between work and home. Through the tools Matt demonstrated, I am very optimistic about the challenges in the coming months and years.

I’d recommend Matt to anyone that finds themselves in a position where factors in life are impacting sleep, anxiety, home life, … anything, as his calm manner, objectivity and tools can really help to provide a way through this wonderful world!


I knew I needed to make changes in my life but I wasn’t sure how to approach it. With Matt’s help I was able to segment my thoughts, feelings, aspirations and goals to find a clearer pathway.  This was like a lightbulb moment and I felt fully supported, understood and empowered to explore it more.

Matt makes you feel at ease and is extremely empathetic.  He is more than just a life coach and coupled with his career in mental health, he knew how to let me open up to and feel understood without being judged.  He really listened and enabled me to gain a better understanding of why I am the way I am.  Matt helped me to accept past events and he empowered me to make changes in my life which have positively impacted me, my family and my career. 

Each session was well structured and focused.  Matt provided resources and a detailed assessment after each session which helped me to structure my plans and move forward. Matt’s approach let me reach within and find answers.  I now have personal goals, tools and resources to move forward to make the changes I want to make – happiness comes from within!


When I started my sessions with Matt I was in quite a low place, I was lost and starting to really question who I was as a person. Matt provided a safe environment which allowed me to explore my identity… I’m feeling more positive and motivated to work towards my goals.

Through Matt’s support and pinpoint questioning I was able to work out plans in which to develop myself as a person. I really believe he’s helping me to become the person I want to be in life, which is a powerful feeling.


I’ve only had one session with Matt but it has made a huge positive change in the way I view my responses to other people. I didn’t fully understand what life coaching was and was nervous about it, but Matt was reassuring and empathetic. He was able to really quickly grasp the complicated things I was describing, help me to unpick them, explore why I react in certain unhelpful ways to certain situations, and enable me to start planning different and more constructive responses for the future. It has been eye-opening and empowering.