27th April 2019 | 9am


In this workshop, you will explore the 7 Skills for the Future from the book of the same name by Emma-Sue Prince.

In this interesting, informative and interactive workshop, Chris will introduce you to the skills of adaptability, critical thinking, empathy, integrity, being proactive, resilience, and optimism.

You’ll experience each of the skills and connect with the value of developing each skill as part of your personal and professional development journey.

Chris will not be delivering this training alone, he will be joined on the day by a very special guest with whom he will co-deliver… Author of The 7 Skills for the Future herself, Emma-Sue Prince! This is your opportunity to learn about these skills directly from the author.

Upon arrival, you will receive a signed copy of ‘The 7 Skills for the Future’ with the opportunity to have author Emma-Sue Prince personalise your book on the day.




28th April 2019 | 10am


Arguably, we could have chosen a grander title but we chose a better life as it’s the one initial request the majority of our clients make. We have designed a high-value, high-impact, 6-hour interactive workshop that guides and supports you beginning your journey to getting out of overwhelm and into control with a clear plan of action.

We are passionate and proud of our informative and inspiring workshops, and we know only too well the power of a group event; the impact of the investment of your time, your energy and the opportunity to share, listen and learn with other like-minded people. We’d love to see you at A Better Life.

“Very engaging with lots of strategies provided to use there and then. Through completing some of the interactive tasks I had some insights and revelations… I would definitely recommend the workshop to others. Not only does it give you a good overview of what you might achieve through life coaching with Chris, it also empowers you to take immediate control of your own life using some of the tools gained from the workshop on the day.”




18th June 2019 | 1pm


In an ever-changing World which often leaves us comparing ourselves to others. Asking ourselves how to fit in, while cultivating and achieving the confidence to stand out. 

Now, more than ever, there is a drive to find and meet our purpose. No longer content with meeting our basic needs; the family, the house, the job, the car, the holiday. We are now seeking to go beyond that and make an impact on our life and the lives of others.

People are seeking their why. What is the reason they are here? What purpose can they serve? And ultimately, how can they be fulfilled?

In this webinar, Life Coach Chris Dudley will explore the concept of Ikigai; a self-development concept originating from Japan which provides a template for finding our reason for being. Where happiness, satisfaction, and the meaning of your life overlap. We explore how you can use your life history to identify your why and your state of flow could be the time you are most your true self.