Learn the tools and techniques to create


6-hour immersive workshop



Learn the tools and techniques to create


6-hour immersive workshop



SUNDAY 28TH APRIL 2019, 10:00-17:00
Park Plaza Hotel, Leeds, UK


you feel…

  • You’re disappointing yourself, your family, your friends, and your colleagues
  • Overwhelmed, out of control, stuck in a rut
  • Guilty and ashamed of how you think and feel right now
  • You’re procrastinating but you can’t connect to the motivation you need to move on
  • The things you do to make yourself feel better are making you feel worse
  • You have limiting beliefs about yourself and what you can achieve
  • You are held back by your past

If you’re seeking a better life this message is just for you…


What most people do when faced with stress, anxiety or depression is wait until it gets so bad they can’t see a way out, they take medication to alleviate the symptoms, or they wait for treatment to discuss the past and how they got here. And for most people, none of that works.

  • You alleviate the symptoms and not the cause
  • You’re managing side effects when you should be managing your recovery
  • Waiting delays your progress and creates more bad coping habits
  • You are focusing on the past when your life is in the future
  • You are not learning new tools and techniques for dealing with future challenges

At last, there’s some good news, I found a solution. I’ve been similar to where you are, so I know, this isn’t going to be easy, but it’s not impossible.

Hello, I’m Chris and I’m a Life Coach.

Having experienced stress, anxiety, and depression in my teenage years and throughout my twenties, I had tried all the usual routes to deal with my challenges. I was on anti-depressants, and more medication to take the edge of my OCD. I’d had a series of counselling sessions and now understood why I was unhappy.

The problem was… I still felt depressed, I was still living in the sterile environment I’d built for myself, and no one was telling me how to beat it.

That’s when I discovered life coaching and the therapies of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. Don’t worry too much about what they are and how they work, I’ll explain more when I speak with you and until then you can google them if you’re interested. Just know that they worked for me.

  • I was able to let go of the negative emotions and events from my past. And break free from the beliefs I had about myself which held me back.
  • I became confident and increased my self-esteem.
  • I was able to see my future clearly and had a plan of action on how I would achieve this, living and working proactively and productively.
  • I am engaged with the people and the World around me and my new found resilience means I can handle change as and when it happens.
  • I committed to a life without stress, anxiety and depression, and I achieved it.

Now, I support other people to break free from their challenges, and achieve the life they desire and deserve.


“Very engaging with lots of strategies provided to use there and then. Through completing some of the interactive tasks I had some insights and revelations. Chris humour and charismatic delivery meant the workshop was thoroughly engaging and interesting.

I would definitely recommend the workshop to others. Not only does it give you a good overview of what you might achieve through life coaching with Chris, it also empowers you to take immediate control of your own life using some of the tools gained from the workshop on the day. I got up early on my day off, to attend the workshop fearing it might feel just like work, but the time flew and I was filled with curiosity to learn more. It’s just what I was looking for.”


“I booked on A Better Life as I have taken voluntary redundancy and needed some tools and techniques to let go, plan for the future and move forward.

I thought it was a brilliant workshop and it made me think deeply about self-development. I now have some tools and it’s down to me to get started! It was inspiring. I learnt about visualisation and how it can change your negative memories into brilliant ones.

I would highly recommend to anyone who is on a journey of personal change. Chris was warm and genuine and honest about his obstacles in the past and explained how timeline therapy works. Very good presenter and you can tell he cares.”


“I attended the event as I was interested in life coaching generally and am at a point in my life where I thought it might be useful, but wanted to know more before I went ahead with it. I absolutely found what I was looking for.

I really enjoyed it, found the hours flew by, I was that engrossed, as was my husband who’d come along too.

I would definitely recommend A Better Life to others. It is an opportunity to see what life coaching is all about and if it is for you – ‘try before you buy’.

I really liked Chris’ style of delivering the workshop, he is extremely knowledgeable, engaging and not afraid to say it how it is!”

‘A Better Life’…

Arguably, I could have chosen a grander title but I chose a better life as it’s the one initial request the majority of my clients make. I have designed a high-value, high-impact, 6-hour interactive workshop that guides and supports you beginning your journey to getting out of overwhelm and into control with a clear plan of action.

I am passionate and proud of my free informative and inspiring workshops, and I know only too well the power of a group event; the impact of the investment of your time, your energy and the opportunity to share, listen and learn with other like-minded people. I’d love to see you at A Better Life.

Here’s our agenda…


    Identify the daily activities you can complete to achieve and maintain the highest level of vitality.


    Review your life in its entirety and score your level of satisfaction, identifying areas for development.


    An introduction to the inner workings of your mind.


    Understand your primary driver, the strength it provides you, and the actions you can take to avoid challenges.


    Identify what’s holding you back from achieving your full authentic potential and learn the process to let go of limiting beliefs and live a life without limits.


    Gain access to the Time Line Therapy process used to support people to let go of negative events.


    Begin the process of designing your future self.

  • GROW

    Learn the goal setting model of GROW and apply it to your future self.


Pages of activities, tools and techniques to create a better life.

Using your free worksheets we aim to move out of overwhelm and into control. Supporting you in identifying your negative thoughts and your limiting beliefs. You’ll have the opportunity to define your future and set goals which you’ll make a commitment to achieving. I guide you and provide you with the learning, tools and techniques you need to begin to achieve balance and success in all areas of your life.


Here are some words from my private coaching clients…


“I wish I had done this years ago. From being in a very dark place, where I couldn’t see a way forward, my future looks exciting and positive to me now and I couldn’t have started this journey without Chris’ specialist, professional and unique approach to coaching.”


“I cannot recommend Chris enough, I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t have found him. My son has great plans and ambitions, he seems determined and focused, which is amazing to see! If you have a son or daughter, who has lost their way and struggling to find a purpose and meaning, then you need Chris!”


“Deciding to work with Chris has been a positive, life-changing decision for me, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Working with a ‘life coach’ wasn’t a decision I ever thought I would make. I trusted my instincts and went for it – and I’m very glad I did.”


You have a decision to make: do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead. Is that really where you want to go? Take a new action, and get a new result. Finally, learn the tools and techniques which will support you to create A Better Life.

What do you want for yourself?


our venue

Park Plaza Hotel, Boar Lane, City Square, Leeds, LS1 5NS

The striking, four-star Park Plaza Leeds is situated on the City Square opposite Leeds Railway Station, easily accessible by road, air and rail and just 10 miles from Leeds Bradford Airport.

Registration and Housekeeping

Doors open 30-minutes before the event start time and the event begins promptly at the scheduled start time. Everyone attending the event must register upon arrival, please allow 10-minutes for registration.

The event includes refreshments on arrival and throughout the event. Where possible, we allow time before and after the event to complete informal networking.


Bookings and tickets are managed by Eventbrite who will issue your ticket upon registration. The ticket will gain you entry into the event. Our events team use electronic registration therefore you can check in with Eventbrite on your mobile device or with your printed ticket.

The (not so) small print

Please note some events may be filmed or photographed and you may be asked to sign a Release Form when you register.